Many, and many, and….many times i saw low conversion rate campaigns to be abandoned too early.
When you have a low conversion rate for one of your Marketing Campaigns, the first reaction is to disable it and keep going to rest peacefully.
Sorry but…that’s completely wrong!

When a campaign appears to have a low conversion rate, you should be very careful to discard it too early.
Before to do it, try to ask to yourself (for example):

  • Am I sure that products related to the campaign were really in stock and available on my website? (if not, track it!)
  • Am I sure that the prices of those products were lower or similar to those of my competitors? (if not, check it manually or…scrape them!)
  • Am I sure that the user experience was “smooth and clean”? (if not, analyze it with A/B tests and so on…take care about the product page, the cart and the checkout process)
  • (Last but not least) Am I sure that the CPA (cost per acquisition) or the ROAS is higher of the other campaigns already in place?

To try to explain the last point, let me show an example with a little bit different concept.
Frequently we can see that conversion rates on mobile devices are lower than on desktop ones. So, for example, should I disable campaigns focused on  mobile devices? Take a look at this statistics and you will find that NO, you should not do it!
Even if mobile conversion rate is less than a half of the desktop one, its ROAS is better than the other one!

The only thing you should do, in this case, is to optimize the global conversion rate and, at the same time, improve the ROAS on desktop devices, that is, for example, “find products on which the advertising is a wasting of money!”
Conversion Rate and ROAS

Anytime you take a decision about Web Marketing activities, be sure to analyze any detail constantly and deeply.

Don’t forget, naturally, to track any of your campaigns just from the beginning. If you will work with numbers and analysis, it’s pretty sure that you will not take wrong decisions in future!